Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hey Family - March 5th

     Hey guys! Well this week has been kind of rough just because my stomach has been really weird since like Thursday. So yesterday I finally went to the doctor and I had given them a "sample" and stuff.... so weird. The thing that’s weird is that my results were fine. Soooo yeah I’m not sure what’s wrong with my stomach. So we will see how things go. OH I miss doctors in America the hospitals here are so sketchy and yeah. Ohhhh happy early bday dad I love you and I’m so lucky to have a dad that raised me right and helped get to where I am today love you so much have fun on your bday!!! 

    Well this week we are making some progress. Mostly with the inactives but its getting better I’m getting more comfortable with the members and me just being myself with them. They are really cool people and they are funny. I really love the people here they are always willing to hear what we have to say! 
    This week has been crazy because there have been a lot of deaths for some reason so we have gone to a lot of funerals like at least 7 (unfortunately). At one funeral a girl was sobbing so hard  I felt so sorry for her. I don’t know how that feels to be honest so I feel bad for the people who have lost loved ones. The funerals here are weird because they can’t really preserve the body so they do a funeral right after they die. One person died like at 9 o clock at night and my comp asked "do you want to go to the funeral tonight?" and even though I was already out of my church clothes and everything I thought forget yourself and go to work. 
That’s one thing I’m really trying to change is not worrying about what I want. IM getting better at it I think. 
   OH Clint emailed me in Spanish I actually understood a lot of it so that’s progress right ha-ha. Anyways not much else is going on we are going to Samana next week to go zip lining so that’s going to be super fun!!! Also I’m almost done with the book of Mormon I’m in Helaman right now. I can’t wait to get to 3rd Nephi I’m really looking forward to it!!  Well that’s about it for this week sorry it's a short email, email me back so we can talk love you guys!!!!

-Elder Tanner Gothard