Sunday, February 9, 2014

January 23rd Nagua 3rd week - I'm alive and well ha-ha

Sorry I didn’t get to email yesterday the power always goes out on Wednesdays so if I don’t email you that’s why so sorry about that. For mom the weather is super-hot it feels just like Arizona during the summer so yeah. When I first got here it rained like crazy but it hasn’t rained for a while. I haven’t even used my rain jacket because once it stops raining it just gets super-hot and humid because it just rained. and I don’t know why the guy at the ctr store said I was going to walk in mud and stuff all the time yeah right. I walk on streets and sidewalks all the time lol. 
My companion and I have had a rough week just because we are opening up a new area and so we are figuring things out and the ward we have honestly should be a branch there’s barely 50 people that show up if that. Our ward is kind of frustrating because they just don’t seem very excited about the missionary work at all and we are not allowed to really contact unless prompted by the spirit so yeah we mostly have to get referrals and yeah it’s hard.
 We actually are seeing progress now which is good and I’m excited. I’ll probably be in this area for at least 18 weeks I’m thinking or more I’m not entirely sure. Also so every 6 weeks there are transfers but that doesn’t mean every missionary gets transferred. Since my companion leaves in 8 weeks I’ll get a new companion. Anyways there a couple of people we are teaching that seem really interested which is super sweet I’m excited. Most of the missionary work here is trying to keep the new members active and getting less actives to church and trying to make sure the ward doesn’t kill each other ha-ha. Like there’s 50 members who go every week roughly and 300 people on the roster soooo yeah.
Anyways one of the investigators is super interested in the book of Mormon. His name is Juan. He used to be catholic but didn’t like how the leaders would day one thing and then go against it so he left. The awesome thing is everything we have been teaching him he understands and he believes and it’s awesome. I get to ask him if he wants to be baptized in Spanish today I’m so nervous lol. Another set of people we are teaching is this girl my age and her friend who’s a guy named Joel. She’s catholic but she’s not and he is part of this other church that I forgot what it called. But they weren’t that interested at first and we taught them yesterday for the first time and they were asking us all these questions and stuff and I actually understood what was going on during the whole discussion so I was happy about that. Now they seem super interested and we gave them Book of Mormons and I noticed the girl was looking at the pictures and she stopped on the page with Moroni burying the plates so I’m super stoked.       
We were talking to some guys on the street the other day and more of them came to talk to us and I guess we are teaching a class today somewhat. We have to just tell them that our message is centered on Christ and teach them individually ha-ha. This one guy we taught named Franie has a super sad story. So he got in a motorcycle accident with his friend and his friend died and he’s still trying to learn to walk. He had pictures of her on his phone when she just died. It did not look pretty it was just really sad and the thing that stinks is he doesn’t remember the accident so he said he prays to god every night wanting to know if it was his fault or the other driver it’s just really sad. Then his son has a disease where can’t walk and the doctors say he only has until he’s 15 to live and he’s 12 right now it’s just really sad. Those are all the people we are teaching right now. and then a couple days ago I just got really frustrated because we were teaching a member and her children but her children are inactive but I just could not speak Spanish at all and I was just super frustrated and then the kid said he doesn’t want to go to seminary so I finally got some courage to ask him if he knew that the book of Mormon was true if he has prayed about it. He said he has and I shared with him why I thought seminary was important to me and that’s how I found out the book of Mormon was true.
Then that same night I was still kind of frustrated about the language and my companion and I were waiting at the church to do a meeting and we were outside and it was dark. And as I was looking at the stars in the sky and just thinking I thought to myself that there is truly a god because I know that not all of this could’ve have just happened for no reason and then I felt better. So yeah still working hard and I love you guys and you guys are the best family I could’ve asked for. So yeah ha-ha. By the way I haven’t bought a guitar yet I’m still thinking about it and don’t worry dad I would only play it on p-days or at night after we are done with everything lol. Love you guys let me know how things are going I miss all of you guys Love you guys

-Elder Tanner Gothard

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