Monday, September 1, 2014

August 6th Email - Its been about 4 weeks since ive written..whooops lol

              Sorry everybody its been a while that i have written we didnt really get to use the computers for the last 4 weeks but anyways heres a little breakdown of whats happened in the past couple of weeks. First i finally got to baptize somebody myself and it was awsome and nerve wrecking but mostly awsome. His name is henry and hes about 11 or 12 and i was happy i got baptize somebody small because i didnt want to baptize somebody whos huge and me fall into the water or something haha. I had to redo it twice becasue his hands didnt go in the water or something i dont know im just glad i didnt screw up on the spanish i was practicing the phrase all day in my head haha. Second I got a new companion his name is Elder Salazar and im currently still in the same area. Hes knows martial arts or something like that i dont remember exactly.
          Things are going really good im glad that i know the area and really good friends with the people so thats always a good thing. I got another infection in my eye so i went to the mission doctor and he said just buy the same drops that i got last tiime. well 700 pesos later jeez medicine is exspensive here like well anything like that and stuff from america haha. Its nice with my new comp becasue i finally feel like im working in the mission because i feel like my 8 months in the mission ive sat back and watched how things are done but now i feel like im doing stuff and really helping with the work so its been nice and exciting and many other things.
        Our mission president is so awsome today for pday we watched here comes the boom with kevin james and tangled haha. Our mission president is a really super interesting guy some of the stories he has told me have blown my mind he seriously needs to write a book maybe one day i will write a email about the stuff he has told me and also i have pictures from the baptism but it takes forwever to send pictures and it doesnt allow me to talk with people until its done downloading. as far as the area is going things are going super good and i feel like we are getting trust from the members which is super awsome but anyways thats all i reemember haha Bye!!!

-Elder Tanner Gothard

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