Saturday, February 15, 2014

Feb 12th - Good & Bad Week

    Hey guys!!!! I really want to talk to you just because this week has been just all over the place. So lately I have been a little down and upset about the language and the lack of progression in our area. We are all working hard but it is frustrating. Then the other day something told me to read those letters you guys gave me. I read Tayler’s first and I started tearing up then I read Trinity’s and it keep coming and then I read yours mom and that was it, I had tears going down my face and the part that stuck with me at that moment was pray to heavenly father. So I did and after that I felt soooo much better I just felt at peace and it just motivated me to work harder. Soo for the past couple days I’ve been working harder and I’ve been getting out of my shell and saying more and sharing some of my fav scriptures. I’ve been getting more confident lately. I don’t know I’m doing everything I’m supposed to do I wake up at 6:30, work out, do scripture study etc.. Lol.

   Ohhhh so my camera is broke but the card works and I got a new camera friggen 200 dollars later but it’s a good camera so yeah. Tell Tayler to continue working hard and pray for heavenly father’s guidance with work and her life in general.  Thank you for texting Aiden by the way he said his computer broke so I haven’t heard much from him lately. Oh I have pictures of our house mom I just keep forgetting to send them to you so sorry I’ll do it next week. Did you guys get a chance to look up that hotel in D.R. yet? Anyways if you are home right now write me back if you can so I can talk to you before I have to leave. Love you guys I also got the pics of Tatum and her drawings lol. I miss her soo much you have no idea and of course I miss trinity & Tayler!

Sorry it’s a short email this week
> --Love you guys!
> -Elder Tanner Gothard

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