Saturday, February 22, 2014

Feb 20th - Email

Hey Guys!!!! first off that is amazing that dad got that big of a raise just wow that is just wow amazing I read that and I was like noooo way haha. I was so happy about that what a blessing!

 To help you with your talk mom for Sunday emphasize the importance of doing family history because if you think about it there are so many of your family members that are just waiting to receive those blessings and to receive those covenants and their work isn’t going to be done on their own and those people are in heaven and have been waiting forever for their work to be done and personally for me since I went through the temple 6 times in the MTC I felt the spirit so strong knowing that these people have just been waiting to have their work done and they are sooo thankful for your service and you being worthy to go through the temple. Sooo I hoped that help.

Wait so the churches are still in Arizona I thought they moved to Texas... it’s weird to think their brother gets off his mission in like 3 months how exciting!!! IM glad everybody is doing good though I think I might fast tomorrow just to show heavenly father how thankful I am for everything he has done for our family I think you guys should to but that’s just me ha-ha. Any ways this week has been good for the most part. So one of the members in the ward knew I played guitar and so he just gave me his acoustic guitar!! I was sooo happpy like you have no idea it’s just nice to be able to play it at night after a long day and just clear my head.

Another weird thing that happened was when elder Morgan and I were at the church there were these two dogs and a chicken and the two dogs were chasing at it then the dog grabbed it by its neck and just it was crazy lol. As far as the work here like we’ve been busy but it’s been slow like we just don’t have any investigators right now and we are mostly teaching less actives. Ohhh yeah today is my 3 month mark in the mission isn’t that crazy and when I get to talk to you guys on mother’s day it will be 6 months’ time is truly going by fast for me...well maybe not for you guys lol.

Also a lot of people are saying that my Spanish is really improving and I actually can talk with the Hispanic missionaries ha-ha it’s kind of fun makes me feel really good when I can speak the language. As of right now I’m hoping to finish the book of Mormon within a month and I started reading it since December so yeah I really love the scriptures now,  just AHHH they are so amazing! I’m almost done with Alma so I’m getting to all the wars and battles its getting super interesting. Well that’s pretty much what I’ve been thinking about and what’s happened these last couple of weeks. Ohh mom we have something like a washer and it works pretty good but we have to hang our clothes up on a line so yeah and the food is getting better I’ve been cooking myself cheese burgers, tacos, sausages, oatmeal, eggs and yeah anyways love you guys I wish I could talk to you guys more I miss you guys sooo much love you guys!!!

-Elder Tanner Gothard

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