Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hi Everybody!

Hey guys!!!
       Ok I will write Tayler so sorry if this email is a little short but this week has been great! We have been having lessons mostly with inactives but it’s been good. I still don’t understand a lot of stuff I only understand a lot of Spanish when we are talking about doctrine.
  Oh and dad I forgot to tell you I’ve read all the gospel books that I had. They are really interesting I actually read all of them like a month ago haha. Every time I watch the Joseph Smith movie I seriously get teary eyed. He has done more for this world than any other man next to Jesus Christ.
    I’m having fun with my companion we are working hard and enjoying serving the members. I got a haircut today and the guy totally messed it up and so the other guy there fixed it. He is an inactive but he’s a super cool guy. They also are all about the hairlines and using razors on your neck and stuff my hair actually looks really good ha-ha. Oh so on Sunday there was this white guy from Samana the place that I went to a couple of weeks ago and he has a zip lining company over there and so my comp asked president if we could go and he said yes!!!! Our president is so cool he lets us go paintballing ha-ha. I’m going to record a video of me going down the zip line and I’ll send it to you guys I’m so excited ha-ha.
     Oh and yes mom my memory card still works don’t worry I will make sure to get pics with elder Morgan elder Henriquez and elder Jensen so yeah no worries. Oh mason is painting me something for my bday and I told him to talk to you about shipping it with whatever you are going to send me for my bday so yeah. Preston emailed me and said he decided to serve a mission and I’m so glad he’s going! I knew he would he is going to be awesome!
    I have some sad news one of the missionaries in my group at the MTC went home his name was Elder Virgin he was my really good friend in the MTC. He went home for personal reasons and things going on with his family but he’s going to talk to his bishop and is going to come back as soon as possible. So yeah anyways email me back so I can talk with you guys!
Love you guys!

-Elder Tanner Gothard

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