Monday, September 1, 2014

April 3rd Email

   Well this week has been hard, and fun all at the same time. Ill start with why its hard. Well mynew comp elder lopez he is a great missionary but he acts like my mom and whistles at me like im a dog so irratating. He also is a numbers guy which is good but for me personally its more that you show love to the people and take time to be their friend and not treat them like a number. Hes also very impatient. This is definatley morework then what i was use to with elder jenson.
Which is good ihope to learn many things from elder lopez but this will help my spanish alot so im glad about that!! Well for the fun this same old usual sitting in the back of trucks with the crazy drivers. Also we got to go to this beach that us elders call the missionary beach becasue we can go in the water and stuff becasue its shallow enough.
    IT was so beautiful its super legit i have pictures but iforgot my camera.... i have a picture with me and elder morgan doing an engagement photo haha. Well this week has been the best numbers ive had on my mission which is good in some aspects. A verse from 3rd nephi that ireallylike says be the light to the world. FOr me and for missionaries this isvery true and it applys to all of us. We need to be the light for all the darkness in this world.
     We need to invite people to follow unto christ. We should always take a second to talk to everybody and bring happieness into their hearts and allow them to have the oppurtunity to feel that sense of peace and love from our loving heavenly father. Thats i love the people here they are always willing to listen and they are some of the nicest people on this planet. They are so humble. There one couple we are teaching who are pretty much living in a shack. It is the worst house ive seen in my life and no person should have to live like that. They are so humble andare thankful for everythng they have. They are a great example to me and help me realize that whats important in this is life is our family and how the gospel of jesus christ blesses our families. Well thats all ihave this week loveall you guys. Thanks for being one of the main foundations in my life

-Elder Tanner Gothard

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