Monday, September 1, 2014

July 3rd Email - Another Week in the DR haha!

       Hey everybody! Well this week in the DR has been somewhat difficult for me this week. Mostly because my eye has been really red for almost 2 weeks and since sunday i havnt been wearing my contacts because its really annoying wearing contacts with my eye. IM pretty sure i have an eye infection becasue there is a white spot or thing on my eye where its really red. So ive been practically walking around blind for the week which is causing me headaches and and my eye is a having a little pain. I was suppose to go to the eye doctor yesterday but we were in nagua which is the farthest area from santiago which is about 3 to 4 hours. SO we didnt have time to go... but i am going on friday finally.
       As far as investagators we have we are going to finalize his baptismal date with him tomorrow because he finally got married. So we should hopefullly have a second baptism here real soon. IM praying that we do. Its a big problem here with marriage. The goverment makes it real hard to get married here and the men simply dont want to get married even if they have been with the same girl for 20 years and have like 5 children together. For missionaries here its really difficult to find a couple that is actually married so it makes the missionary work way harder then it needs to be. Well i dont really have anything crazy this week like dogs almost attacking me or almost getting hit by cars haha. Love you guys talk to you next week!!!

-Elder Tanner Gothard

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