Monday, September 1, 2014

June 25th Email - This week has been fun haha!!

Well this week has been great as usual im loving it here in mao! The hermanas had a baptism this week which was awsome. Its great to see the area progressing and me and elder henriquez are expected to have another baptism soon which is exciting! Me and him are like the perfect team which is good when it comes to lessons and we get along and hes wierd just like me so everything works out haha. Its been really great to see the spirit work because with the people that have been baptized after they have been baptized they always start crying it just shows me that what we are doing is real and its great that we are helping others come unto our savior jesus christ.
      This week i almost had a problem with some dogs lol. ME and Elder henriquez just finished some service and we bought some ice cream and i went to go throw my wrapper away in this trash can and there was a dog behind it and i tryed to hurry and throw it away and all of a sudden i hear it barking and i booked it as fast as i could and there were two dogs that almost came after me becasue they came around the fence but luckily the owner was right there and stopped them so that was good i do not want rabbies and i dont want to go to the hospitals here either no thank you. Today  we were allowed to ride bikes today.... it was so scary i felt like iwas going to get hit by a car. The traffic here is insane traffic laws do not apply for jacksquat.

       Its wierd now for me everything here is normal but i forget these things are not normal in the United states. Ive honestly forgotten what its like in the Untited States haha. Also there has been a really bad flu going around from mosquitos called ching kung gooya or something like that and its bad like one third of the dr is expected to get it. I dont know how i dont have it becasue i get chewed up like crazy and i swear we have given so man blessings to people with this flu its insane! Something interesting that i read in the book of mormon this week was nephi and his willingness to always serve the lord. I love 2 nephi 4 16. It basically says me soul delights in the things of the lord and i love that verse so much its something that i can improve on and something i am trying to learn on the mission. Well anyways thats all for this week love you guys talk to you soon!

-Elder Tanner Gothard

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