Monday, September 1, 2014

June 4th Email - This Week has Been Awesome!!

       Well what a great week this has been. We got permission from our mission president to go to the temple in santo domingo with our ward. We got perform baptisms for the dead and it was neat to see the recent converts do it for the first time. We all had a good time and I got to say hi to one of my teachers and it was nice to finally to be able to communicate with her because i can speak spanish somewhat haha. OH i dont know why but on the way to the rutas or the buses that took us to santo domingo all these dogs started barking at me like 20 of them i thought for sure i was a dead man or would survuve but i would have rabies haha.
      Then yesterday we had a special training with president douglas and hermana douglas which was really awsome. President wanted to do an example of how to teach and so he said i need to magnificent elders to come and teach and no one did anything and i see my comp stand up and i was like noooo what are doing lol. I went up there and we were sitting there and my comp was teaching and my heart was pumping becasue we had to teach in front of three zones so like 50 people not to mention president was there haha.
       So it came to me to end and the spirit just took over and i actually started getting a little emotional which was embarrassing but oh well thats the spirit for ya. Then president asked everyone how we did and everyone said we did great for the most part. THen president said they did really well and the that was a precious testimony lol. So yeah then my district had to sing in front of everybody and my comp sings loud!!!! like super loud and when someone sings loud i song loud to so the poor hermanas you couldnt even hear them. IT was a great training really enjoyed it. AS far the work we have one lady getting baptised this week which im looking forward to becasue its my first baptism and we should be having another one in 2 weeks!! Ohhh today i saw like 7 porsches 2 ferrari´s and a jaguar it was the most beautiful thing i have ever seen lol. Well that was my week of interesting things love you all hope to hear from you bye!!

-Elder Tanner Gothard

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