Monday, September 1, 2014

May 14th Email - The Past Two Weeks!!

        Well the past weeks have been full of interesting things to talk about. Biggest news is i got transfered out of Nagua so no more beaches for me sad face but im happy im ready for a new area and a new comp becasue me and elder lopez wernt getting along very well so its a nice relief to start in a new area. THe day me and another elder in the house had to leave it started raining hard and we had to go to the zone leaders house in san fransico which is like an 1 hour and 15 minutes away. There was no other transportation to take besides a truck and so we had to put all of our suitcases in the back of the truck and we had to sit in the back with our stuff in the rain for an hour and 15 minutes with pouring rain haha.
            It kind of stinked but it was a fun experience for me also. Also my new comp is Elder Henriquez and he was actually elder morgans trainer and he lived in the same house as me for 3 months and we are really good friends. So i was really happy about that and things have been going super great with him couldnt ask for a bettter comp. OH i forgot to mention my new area is mao. THe area is super cool and the members are super nice. Our area is very poor with dirt roads and shacks but the people are so humble and nice i love the people here to death they are super legit. We have been working with this member and weve been doing service with him. We have been tearing down his kitchen and we were busting things like crazy with a hammer and stuff it reminded me of dwight from the office when he was fixing pam and jims kitchen lol.
       Yesterday we were shoveling dirt in the rain and i was drenched. SOmething im really trying to teach myself is forget myself always and think about others and its coming along little by little. Then this morning we went to the doctor in santiago for elder henriquez for his ankle because he hurt his ankle running or something. HEs fine he just has to rest it and not walk so much. THen we went to a supermarket and i got so trunkie because it was so beautiful seeing all the food i use to eat but i cant really anmore because of the areas im in lol and plus im poor missionary haha. Well thats all that happened in the past 2 weeks that i remember nos vemos yo les amo!!!!

-Elder Tanner Gothard

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