Monday, September 1, 2014

April 23 Email

Well this week has been kind of rough but also a good one. Well to begin I have a really bad cold right now. Ive had it for 4 days now and i stayed home for 2 days but its not going away. Its bad to where its affecting my voice and sometimes i cant even talk. Ive also been coughing a lot lately and havnt had much energy. Hopefully i dont get worse. As far as lessons things are moving along we a couple investagtors with dates but they dont seem to interested so we will see how things go. We are getting like 25 lessons a week which is a lot here. I dont know for me as missionary yes numbers are important but i pick qaulity over quantity.
     Well this week i found out that one of the new elders that i we have in our área was about to go home because he was having a lot of problems. He was going to go home yesterday but he decided not to. We did exchanges on monday and we started talking and we got on the topic of why he wanted to go home and why he decided to change his mind. we were talking for 2 hours about everything and i still didnt really know this Elder very well but after the whole discussion and trying to help him out he said he was so thankful that i talked to him about it becasue he said he felt that he couldnt talk to his companion really about it. I basically told him that the misión is probably one of the hardest things you can do in this life.
      I shared some struggles and i how feel about the misión but it i told him when it comes down to it going home has never been an option for me because i know how much the misión has already changed me as a person and i told him that i dont care if i dont get one single baptism on the misión becasue all that matters is that you work as hard as you can and you served the lord and changed for the better. The misión is to prepare you for the rest of your life. Talking to him that night made me realice a lot of small blessings that i have recieved and i didnt even know it. Its it wierd to know that we recieve blessings all the time and we just dont notice it. FOr me ive realized that for me the misión is preparing me to help others and ive already helped a lot of my friends and just being an example for them. This misión is hard but rewarding as most things are in life. I love you all and im thankful for all the experiences i was able to experience with you to get me to this point. I hope everyojne had a good easter!!!

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