Monday, September 1, 2014

April 16th Email - this week dude!!

Hey everbody!! well this week has been really hectic!! Mostly becasue we are putting appoinments every half an hour or so. Which is good im practically senior comp because my comp is still new in the area and so i have to lead us everywhere we go and plan everything. So yeah its a little difficult at sometimes. Especially trying to do it in spanish which isnt to hard. Right now we have 2 people with a baptismal date which is sweet hopefully my first baptism!!! For me its crazy to think that ive alredy been out for 5 months!! Time has gone by fast but slow at the same time if that makes sense. Im still trying to get use to my comp but its not really working at the moment to say the least.
     My spanish is getting better and better everyday little by little and patience is key to learning a new language. I finished the book of mormon this week and this is the first time i unstood everything and took the time to learn and apply thethings i learned in my life. I can say with assurance that i know the book of mormon is another testmant of jesus christ our savior and it gives all the fullness of the gospel that our father in heaven wants us to know so we can find that  peace and happiness in our lifes. I know this book blesses lifes because ive seen it bless mine and becasue of it i know that this church is true. We should constantly read it and pray to know its true and apply the things that we learn from it in our lifes. I know the mission has changed my view of the church forever and it has changed me as person spirtually and i know that this gospel blesses the lifes of others. I know a mission is one of the greatest experinces and one of the hardest experiences of a life time but i wouldnt change it for anything. For anyone who is skeptical about going on a mission i encourage you that you do it you will have a much stonger relationship with your heavenly father and you will come to know him as well. en el nombre de jesucristo amen

-Elder Tanner Gothard

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